Access Control Protection

How Do Access Control Systems Work?

Individuals who are given permission to access a controlled area are issued an access badge, key fob, or fingerprint identification. When the badge, fob or fingerprint is presented to the reader installed outside an electronically locked door, the door is unlocked and the the individual is allowed access.

If a person is no longer allowed access, their access device will be deprogrammed, and the door will no longer unlock. If any unauthorized person tries to enter a controlled area, the door will simply not open. Alarms are generated if the door is forced opened.

The access control system keeps record of who accessed the controlled area at all times. This record keeping provides an audit trail of badge, fob or fingerprint holders.

What is Access Control Used For?

Access Control Monitoring is state of the art protection if you want to protect entry to your home, vacation home or rental, your office, your retail store or sensitive areas that are in need of high security such as;

  • Pharmacy Med Storage
  • Medical Records Room
  • HR File Rooms
  • Accounting Records Storage
  • Data centers
  • Critical Infrastructure

Access control is also great for monitoring the opening and closing of a store as well as employees clocking in and out.

Hosted Access Control Advantages:

Our hosted access control platform provides many advantages over a traditional “in house” solution.

We manage all aspect of the platform from database backup and recovery to card holder administration. Our certified personal work with you to plan and implant schedules and area access configurations.

We also offer the traditional in house systems if that better fits your needs.