Video Surveillance Protection

Our cameras work to protect you day and night, as our video surveillance works no matter the lighting, time of day or weather conditions.

We customize a video surveillance solution that’s right for you. Decide between increments of up to four, eight or sixteen cameras to be installed inside and outside of your home or business. They will be positioned to get the best possible views of your location.

How Do Video Surveillance Systems Work?

Tied to your intrusion alarm, we can remotely access your video feeds looking at live and captured video. This allows us to assess, or verify that a crime is in progress, reducing or eliminating false alarms. We provide emergency personnel with the all details needed for their response.

What is the benefit of having video surveillance?

Police respond quicker and are better prepared to manage a situation if they have a verified event in progress.

  • Is there one perpetrator or three?
  • Are they teens or adults? 
  • Is someone standing guard, sitting in a car or van?
  • We monitor the video throughout any event providing emergency personnel with continued updated information and support to manage the situation to a positive end result.
  • Our video systems can stop losses, protect against injuries, expedite police response, and provide evidence.
  • Our video systems allow you to view live streaming video or stored video of your property from anywhere in the world, over a secure password protected web browser on your cell phone and digital devices - That is 24/7/365 protection!

Examples of Use:

  • Check to see when your children came home from school and who they were with.
  • Check to see if your pets are doing okay and behaving.
  • See who opened your retail establishment and at what time.
  • Check to see if packages arrived.
  • Check to see if services were completed.